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Certificate in Play Therapy

***This Certificate Program has been discontinued. We will be transitioning to the Adlerian Play Therapy Certification.

The Certificate in Play Therapy is an experiential training with theoretical, practical and skills development components through the utilisation of role-plays, group work, lectures, presentations, discussions and creative activities.


It is designed for mental health professionals to be trained in the use of play therapy, and to be equipped as therapists with a broad view of the main approaches in the current field of play therapy, wealth of understanding techniques that are tied to the umbrella goals of the model.

In the specialisation of Play Therapy, there are numerous approaches, developed from years of clinical research, based on the multiple psycho-analytic theories founded on the pioneers of the mental and emotional sciences. As such, put together are these collection of introductory courses, that allows one to gain a theoretical and experiential insight into each of these main approaches currently in the field of Play Therapy, and vastly broaden your world view of the field of Play Therapy.

The diversity and span of play therapy approaches are numerous, and takes infinite resources and time to know everything, as such this suite of courses are designed for the you to gain an introductory knowledge and experience before make an informed decision to commit time and resources to which ever that suits you best and aligns with your personal style and values.

Course Duration

This certificate program will take about 2 to 2.5 years to complete, and participants are to take no longer than 5 years to complete the whole certificate program.

Certificate Recognition

This Certificate is awarded by Healing Hearts Centre.

Certificate training hours are recognised by the Association for Play Therapy (USA) - only up till September 2021.

Certificate training, practicum and supervision hours are recognised by the Association for Play Therapy (Singapore) for the individual who is working towards their Registered Play Therapist qualifications with APTS.

Program Pre-Requisites

  1. At least a Bachelor’s or higher level mental health related educational qualification from a recognised university.

  2. Completion of Module 1 with Healing Hearts Centre.


Certificate Curriculum

Module 1 – Introduction to Play Therapy*

Module 2 – Introduction to Child-Centered Play Therapy

Module 3 – Introduction to Sandtray Therapy

Module 4 – Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Play Therapy

Module 5 – Introduction to Adlerian Play Therapy

Module 6 – Fundamentals of Trauma-Informed Play Therapy


*NOTE: Participants are required to complete Module 1 before progressing to the remaining modules. Modules 2 to 4 can be taken in any order. Module 6 can only be taken upon completion of modules 1 to 5.


Additional assignments and supervision hours are required for each training module of the certification program.


Training Venue

The training venue will be on-site at Healing Hearts Centre where we have a purpose built, fully equipped and resourced training centre.


Participants will complete their practicum hours in their own place of employment, unless other arrangements have been made and approved by Healing Hearts Centre.


*NOTE: Fees do not include supervision fees.

Supervision Details

Certificate Program Supervision fees:
Individual - $120/pax/hour session


Hours required for each module:
Module 1 - 2 hours individual
Module 2 - 2 hours individual
Module 3 - 2 hours individual
Module 4 - 2 hours individual
Module 5 - 2 hours individual
Module 6 - 2 hours individual

Certificate Administrative Fee

One-time administrative fee (for those applying to complete certificate program): Waived till further notice
Assignment marking fee: Waived till further notice


Safety Provision

It will be necessary for participants to be covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance prior to undertaking direct work with children, adolescents and their families. This can be covered under the participant’s place of employment or enquired at Healing Hearts Centre. All participants undertaking direct client work must also act in accordance with the Association for Play Therapy (Singapore) Code of Conduct and Best Practices.

Membership Application for Association for Play Therapy (Singapore) - APTS

The training hours for all modules contribute toward the training hours required for registering to be an APTS professional play therapy member.

Certificate Program Registration

Application for the certificate program is available upon completion of Module 1.

We look forward to having you with us at the Module 1 course soon!


*This Certificate in Play Therapy consisting of 6 modules is not a certification in any specific play therapy approach, but rather a training certificate that provides an overview of main key play therapy approaches in existence today amongst many others. Module 1 is the perfect place to start if you are not aware of or familiar with the many approaches of play therapy in existence today.

*Completing this certificate will encompass a large part of your journey to becoming a Registered Play Therapist with the Association for Play Therapy (Singapore). The total requirements are 150 training hours, 350 client contact hours, and 35 supervision hours. Once you have completed these hours, you can then apply with APTS to be a registered play therapist. Please visit www.apts.org.sg for more details.

*Being a Registered Play Therapist is different from being certified in a specific play therapy approach, vice versa. As an APTS Registered Play Therapist, you are recognised as a part of the local community in meeting up to the local standards and requirements.