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Certificate in TraumaPlayTM

The Certificate in TraumaPlayTM is an experiential training with theoretical, practical and skills development components through the utilisation of role-plays, group work, lectures, presentations, discussions and creative activities.


It is designed for mental health professionals who wish to engage in training in the use of play therapy specifically in the TraumaPlayTM model and to equip therapists with a wealth of targeted techniques that are tied to the umbrella goals of the model.


About TraumaPlayTM

TraumaPlayTM is a flexibly sequential play therapy model created by Paris Goodyear-Brown for treating traumatised children and adolescents. This model has been in development for the last 20 years as work with children who have experienced complex trauma required a developmentally sensitive play-based treatment continuum that integrated several evidence based treatments.


Grounded in attachment theory and informed by current research and understandings of the neurobiology of both play and trauma, TraumaPlayTM assesses the therapeutic needs of the child or family moment-to-moment.


TraumaPlayTM uses the framework of seven therapeutic goals that serve as the umbrella under which therapists have the freedom to employ a variety of therapeutic interventions. A subset of treatment goals related to enhancing the role of parents as partners expands the finesse of the therapist in integrating parents and the family into trauma treatment.


It allows room for both non-directive and directive approaches to be employed and incorporates clinically sound elements of other evidence based treatments such as Child-Centered Play Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Play Therapy, while offering original interventions that were developed in real-world clinical settings to maximise therapeutic absorption through every play-based learning portal.


TraumaPlayTM offers a best practice framework for trauma work with families while encouraging ongoing assessment and offering flexibility to the therapist to tailor treatment to the needs of individual families.



Course Duration

This certificate program will take about 2 to 2.5 years to complete and participants are to take no longer than 5 years to complete the whole certificate program.

Certificate Recognition

This Certificate is awarded by Healing Hearts Centre and certificate training hours are recognised by the Association for Play Therapy (USA) whilst the certificate training, practicum and supervision hours are recognised by the Association for Play Therapy (Singapore) for the individual who is working towards their Registered Play Therapist qualifications.


Successful completion of the certificate program also certifies the participant as a “TraumaPlayTM Play Therapist”.

Program Pre-Requisites

  1. At least a Bachelor’s or higher mental health related educational qualification from a recognised university

  2. Completed a Basic Counselling Skills course (only applicable for those who do not have prior basic counselling skills)

  3. Completed a Basic Child Development course (only applicable for those who do not have prior child development studies)


Certificate Curriculum

Module 1 – Introduction to Play Therapy*

Module 2 – Introduction to Child-Centered Play Therapy

Module 3 – Introduction to Sandtray Therapy

Module 4 – Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Play Therapy

Module 5 – Introduction to TraumaPlayTM

Module 6 – TraumaPlayTM Intermediate Training

Module 7 – TraumaPlayTM Advanced Training


*NOTE: Participants are required to complete Module 1 before progressing to the remaining modules. Modules 2 to 4 can be taken in any order, whilst Modules 1 to 4 have to be completed before participant is permitted to progress to Module 5. Modules 6 and 7 are strictly for participants enrolled in the Certificate in TraumaPlayTM program only.


For the participant working towards Certification, additional readings, written assignments, practicum and supervision hours would be required for each training module.


Training Venue

The training venue will be on-site at Healing Hearts Centre where we have a purpose built, fully equipped and resourced training centre.


Participants will complete their practicum and supervision hours in their own place of employment, unless other arrangements have been made and approved by Healing Hearts Centre.


*NOTE: Fees do not include supervision fees. These are arranged directly with the respective supervisors.

Supervision Details

Certificate Program Supervision fees:
Individual - $70 per pax per session (U.P. $120)

Dyadic - $35 per pax per session (U.P. $60)
Group - $30 per pax per session (U.P. $50) - Only required for Modules 6 & 7


Hours required for each module:
Module 1 - 2 hours individual
Module 2 - 3 hours individual
Module 3 - 3 hours individual
Module 4 - 3 hours individual
Module 5 - 4 hours individual
Module 6 - 5 hours individual, 5 hours group
Module 7 - 5 hours individual, 5 hours group

Certificate Administrative Fee

One-time administrative fee (for those applying to complete certificate program): Waived till further notice
Assignment marking fee: Waived till further notice


Safety Provision

It will be necessary for participants to be covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance prior to undertaking direct work with children, adolescents and their families. This can be covered under the participant’s place of employment or enquired at Healing Hearts Centre. All participants undertaking direct client work must also act in accordance with the Association for Play Therapy (Singapore) Code of Conduct and Best Practices.

Membership Application for Association for Play Therapy (Singapore) - APTS

The training hours for all 7 modules contribute toward the training hours required for registering to be an APTS professional play therapy member.