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What is Expressive Arts Therapy

Stress! Burn-out! Mentally exhausted! Emotionally drained! Are these words reflective of our inner voice? Are we giving so much of ourselves to the different roles we play in life? The answer is likely a resounding “Yes” to both questions, oftentimes, at the expense of self-care time. 


We all find ways to express ourselves. We want to be ‘me’! Ways like speech, writing, arts—performing or visual—become channels for us to find our inner self in the midst of this noisy world. Join us as we explore using the creative process for self-expression and self-understanding.

We want to provide a safe haven here to give ourselves the much needed self-care time which would definitely contribute to our mental and emotional wellness. When we feel refreshed and recharged, the people around us would benefit too.

In our group art-making sessions, we provide an opportunity for individual/group reflection, finding solutions and drawing attention to our thought and emotional processes.

We want to use expressive arts as an empowerment for self-care, engage in a meaningful time of self-expression, cope with stress and enhance our awareness of self and others as well.  

Come let loose, be adventurous and relax in a community of friends where no one judges or criticises your forms of art-making. 

No art experiences required!



Enjoy it with others...

Join us for a 90 minute facilitated group session for reflection and self-care activities. Art supplies included.


6 unique sessions, once every 2 weeks.

Limited to 30pax per session, sign-up early to reserve your spot!

Bring someone else along to enjoy a special rate!


For adults over 21 years old only.


$ 20 /pax/session ($ 35 2pax )


All to yourself...

If you'd like to have a 1-to-1 personal sessions with our Art Therapist for personalised professional therapy, you may contact us to make an appointment.


$ 120


Group Session Dates

We are with you, all the way.



Do you understand yourself? When someone asked, “What represents you?” What will your answers be? Here, we are using drawings and colours to understand our inner worlds.


When you see a random pattern, do you like to make sense or see a picture out if it? Is it a reflection of your inner voice? When you draw something on a piece of paper, if it has a voice, what would it be saying to you? Let’s make sense of these through our creative art processes.


The key mode of communication is words. We write to communicate (to self or others) – express, clarify, inform, inspire, encourage etc. Words have the ability to heal. How? Writing could be a form of catharsis. It is like pouring out onto a paper and then emptying yourself. Next, we let the fingers do the talking! How about claying your emotions and thoughts into something 3D? We bring these to the fore-front and give thoughts to them. Come and join us in this mini workshop to examine our thoughts together.


“A picture speaks a thousand words” is common phrase we use. Using the various forms of pictures around us, we can take a peek into our present states. Hence, we get to know ourselves better – what makes us tick, what makes us smile and encourages us. What is the take-away from this lesson? Let the pictures speak to us!


In our life’s journey, we will walk through good and bad times. The good ones were the beautiful memories you made. What about the bad ones? Do you process the negative emotions attached in the bad ones? How about putting some of these emotions (good and bad) into clay forms and examine them? Let’s come and experience this time of reflection together.


Let’s get the hands dirty! Paint your thoughts, feelings and take-aways from your time here where you practiced self-care through doing art. You would have gleaned something precious in our time together. So now you make it tangible in your canvas. How about a team effort to create an art piece together with your friends here?