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Module 4:

Introduction To Cognitive-Behavioural Play Therapy

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Course Description

This course is designed to introduce participants to the principles of Cognitive-Behavioural Play Therapy (CBPT), a directive play therapy approach where play is used to engage with the child, to listen to the child and to communicate concepts to the child. Participants learn about communicating the cognitive triangle to the child and how changes may be made through cognitive coping and coping skills such as relaxation.


This course will also provide participants with some play-based interventions from assessment to termination and include discussion about integrating culture into CBPT through culture-sensitive techniques.


Course Objectives

  1. To describe the theoretical foundation and principles of CBPT

  2. To describe similarities between CBPT and other play therapy approaches

  3. To describe play therapy interventions and techniques for assessment and treatment planning as well as for termination

  4. To discuss and integrate culture into CBPT through culturally sensitive techniques



The course is open to professionals of the mental health fields; including psychologists, counsellors, social workers, physicians, child life specialists, nurses, and occupational therapists.

Participants should have at least a Bachelor’s or higher degree in an area of mental health related education, be currently practicing in the field, and have attended Module 1 – Introduction to Play Therapy.



  1. Multimedia Lectures

  2. Trainings with opportunities for self-reflection and group discussion

  3. Individual and group activities for processing

Certification of Attendance

Certificate of Attendance - will be presented to the participant at the end of each course.

Certificate of Completion - upon completion of additional requirements such as assignments and supervision sessions.

Certificate in Play Therapy - Certificate of Completion for all modules are required.

Certificate Recognition

This Certificate of Attendance is awarded by Healing Hearts Centre and certificate training hours are recognised both by the Association for Play Therapy (USA) and by the Association for Play Therapy (Singapore) for the individual who is working towards their Registered Play Therapist qualifications.

General Course Schedule

9am - 12pm Session

12pm - 1pm  Lunch

1pm - 3pm Session

3pm - 330pm Break

330pm - 530pm Session

Course Trainer

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Abigail Lee

Founder of Healing Hearts Centre