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Toy Donations

Giving Your Pre-Loved Toys to a Hope Giving Cause

Thank you for all your support! We are not in need of any donations at the moment.

Kindly direct your goodwill towards others who might need them.

Another charity you might consider to drop-off for any items at any time is "Willing Hearts Orphanage" located in Potong Pasir.

Link here:

We train counsellors in a specialization called “Play Therapy”. This uses creative mediums and toys etc to help children express their struggles more profoundly, who might not yet have the words or full vocabulary yet to describe their experiences and emotions. The counselor is then able to use the same in return to help the child process and heal in a much deeper and wholistic manner.

As such a wide range of toys really help broaden the range of what kids can connect with.


We run these training courses regularly and these are existing counsellors who might or might not be familiar in working with kids, and good part of becoming a Play Therapist involves a significant effort in setting up a play area or room for this specific purpose and begin helping more kids. As such we are helping to collect pre-loved toys for them to get started.

These toys will be sorted and distributed to trainees, and those unsuitable for therapy will be passed on to others who could have use of them.


Join us in helping to make this world a better place both emotionally and environmentally!

To drop-off, kindly leave it in a box or plastic bag under our letterbox along the ground floor walkway.

Or contact us at 69020087 to arrange for a drop-off.

List of Toys we are looking for:

*broken toys are welcomed too!

- human figurine toys

- animal, insect, dinosaur, monster, superhero, cartoon figurine toys

- puppets

- dollhouse, furniture, dolls

- pebbles, seashells, beads, yarn

- card, board, group games like Jenga, etc.

- baby dolls and accessories

- vehicles, trucks, planes, boats etc

- buildings

- building blocks like legos or wood blocks

- landscape toys like trees, rocks, fences...

- broken toys too

- sand/beach spades toys etc

- kitchen set toys

- small musical instruments, (more percussive, and non-mouthpiece)

- small stress balls etc.

- art materials like paintbrush, crayons, papers, paints, stickers, aprons etc..

- costumes, hats, masks, wigs etc.

- old and disused small electronics like cameras, pagers, mobile phones, etc

- other small household items that could of interest, eg service bell, travel souvenir miniatures, Russian dolls, etc.

- children books, toddler ages, narrated picture stories type

- stress balls, squishy toys



Not the following:

- sports equipment

- baby toys like alphabets or number learning, or teething toys. 

- soft toys

What a Play Therapy Room looks like


This is what a play therapy room looks like. There are numerous categories to fill, and with each categories there are multiple variations, for example cartoon characters, there there are numerous different ones etc, you get the idea!


It takes many years and an ongoing effort to collect a good range of applicable toys that will effectively connect to a wide range of what children can relate to and struggle with.

As such, we really want to help trained therapists get a head-start in their work with children, and hence all contributions are welcome!

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