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We help you take the guesswork out of tricky situations so you can relax and think. At Healing Hearts, you can confidently receive healing, understand emotions, behaviours, both of yourself and loved ones, along with increasing your resilience against another episode.

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Abigail Lee

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Thousands of effective counselling hours completed with happy clients.

"I have finally found a safe place to share and process my struggles. Unlike others I have tried, Healing Hearts really cared about me, and allowed me to decide if and when I should return, no packages or other sales gimmicks."

"My son's behaviour has greatly improved and he is able to regulate his emotions better, stopped quarreling with his siblings, and is now doing very well in school."

"After years of frustration, I can now properly understand what my kids are feeling and communicating. My family has become a safe and happy place. I am finally "seeing the light at the end of the tunnel". I am full of hope and energy now for life!"



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Senior Counsellor & Play Therapist

Abigail Lee is a professional counsellor, supervisor and trainer with close to 15 years of experience in working with individuals, children, adolescents, couples and families.


She is the Founder and Executive Director of Healing Hearts Centre, a private counselling and consultation practice that is committed to providing emotional healing through counselling, psychotherapy, and play therapy. She is also currently the President of both the Association for Play Therapy (Singapore) and the Association of Christian Counsellors (Singapore) as well as the Past President of the Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (Singapore).


Her qualifications include Psychology, Sociology, Counselling, and Play Therapy. She is a Certified Circle of Security facilitator, a Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator with the Marriage and Family Institute of Singapore and the first Certified TraumaPlayTM Play Therapist in Asia. She has also been appointed by the Family Justice Courts as a Parenting Coordinator and by the Singapore Mediation Centre as a Collaborative Practice Mental Health Professional.


Abigail works with children, adolescents and individuals who have experienced severe trauma and abuse through the use of Play and Expressive Arts Therapy techniques, which allows for the uniqueness of each individual to be valued while providing a safe and systematic journey towards trauma resolution.


She was awarded the May Day Awards, Working People’s Advocate by the National Trades Union Congress in May 2018, and is a writer on various magazine platforms. Abigail travels, speaks and provides training locally and internationally, educating both professional counsellors and members of the public in mental and emotional well-being issues. She has also been previously featured and interviewed on the Singapore docu-drama, “In Cold Blood 3”.


Operations Director

David manages the operations of Healing Hearts and ensures that all systems run effectively. Having experience in counselling and coaching, he has a good understanding in knowing how to synergise and serve the team effectively.


David also heads up the Resources department of the company, making sure that therapists and the general public are able to have access to updated resources that would facilitate healing and play in the lives of individuals and their families.



Mui Ee completed her Master of Counselling in Singapore and has been practising since 2019.

She is an accredited Positive Parenting Program Facilitator, MSF’s Family Life Educator and a Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator with the Marriage and Family Institute of Singapore.

Mui Ee has counselled in social service setting and specialised in supporting parents through evidenced-based parenting programmes. She has worked with children (including individuals with special needs) and youth of all ages in her role as an educator. She has conducted marriage preparation programme and counselled individuals with personal developmental issues on a volunteer basis since 2012.