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Our Dry Sandtrays are crafted in accordance to Sandplay and Sandtray Therapy standard dimensions. Painted with a light blue interior and a natural wood exterior, then sealed with a durable finishing coat.

Sandtray Cover is an add-on option to keep the dust out or the sand from being blown by the wind.

Therapy Sand is a premium white sand for sand trays and is specially sourced and imported for use in the sand tray. It is of top quality with the smoothest feel, and is best suited for therapy.

Play Therap Sand Tray Pricing

Play Therapy Starter Kits

Getting a Play Therapy Therapeutic playroom started takes countless hours of careful research, and years of collecting the right mix of toys and figurines for therapeutic purposes. This tedious process has now been vastly simplified with our starter kit categories! Carefully designed and put together by Abigail and team, to give you the best mix of exactly what you need to jump-start your play therapy practice, so that you can focus on what matters most, your clients!

Contact us for an updated price and quote. All orders require a lead time of around 4-6 weeks for delivery.


*Delivery is a fixed price of $30 per order, island-wide.

*Photos are for illustration purposes.


Figurines - Nurturing/Family/Dollhouse

Set Price: $170


Figurines - Scary

Set Price: $28


Figurines - Pretend/Fantasy

Set Price: $85


Figurines - Landscaping

Set Price: $118


Toys - Vehicles/Scary

Set Price: $60


Toys - Expressive

Set Price: $23


Toys - Fantasy/Pretend

Set Price: $83



Set Price: $75


Popular Characters

Set Price: $225