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For over 10 years, we have journeyed with countless individuals just like you, bringing hope, meaning and looking forward into their future!

Each and every individual is a unique and precious page of our story, and we treasure each one, celebrating milestones, and cheering them onward!

We also conduct specialised training for professional counsellors/mental-health workers in working effectively with children and families. Please proceed to our training page for more details.

If your child is going through a difficult time in life, we want to help you and your child navigate through it smoothly so they can be set up for a delightful future!

  • Nurture vs Nature: Nature takes it's course, but we have hope because nurture can change things around for the better!

  • A child's emotional development is one of the most critical stages, as it sets the trajectory long into their future.

  • The child's world surrounding them makes all the difference.

  • We will guide you to understand and interact with them to bring out the best in them.

  • A child's personality and crucial needs may seem complex, but they can be categorised into bite sizes.


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Abigail Lee


David Choo

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Tang Mui Ee

Clients have completed thousands hours of enriching counselling with us.

Client Testimonials

"I have finally found a safe place to share and process my struggles. Unlike others I have tried, Healing Hearts really cared about me, and allowed me to decide if and when I should return, no packages or other sales gimmicks."

"My son's behaviour has greatly improved and he is able to regulate his emotions better, stopped quarreling with his siblings, and is now doing very well in school."

"After years of frustration, I can now properly understand what my kids are feeling and communicating. My family has become a safe and happy place. I am finally "seeing the light at the end of the tunnel". I am full of hope and energy now for life!"