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What is the Best Way to Manage Your Emotions?

  • Does it feel like your world is falling apart?

  • Are you feeling gloomy with no hope of a brighter future?

  • Do you often struggle with broken or complicated relationships?

  • Are you or your children always struggling with school/work/friends?

  • Do you always fall sick and feel like you are not performing in your job?

  • Do you feel like you will never achieve your dreams no matter how you try?

Your Emotional Health Contributes to Your Success in Life

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Relate with confidence in who you are, with healthy perspectives on others, that will be sure you are well loved amongst friends and family.

Business Group


Surprise yourself in finding the passion for what you do. The job might be the same but you will feel different.

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Enjoy your life to the fullest, embracing the fullness of what healthy emotions have to offer while fulfilling your dreams.


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Abigail Lee


David Choo

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Tang Mui Ee

Clients have completed thousands hours of enriching counselling with us.

Client Testimonials

"I have finally found a safe place to share and process my struggles. Unlike others I have tried, Healing Hearts really cared about me, and allowed me to decide if and when I should return, no packages or other sales gimmicks."

"My son's behaviour has greatly improved and he is able to regulate his emotions better, stopped quarreling with his siblings, and is now doing very well in school."

"After years of frustration, I can now properly understand what my kids are feeling and communicating. My family has become a safe and happy place. I am finally "seeing the light at the end of the tunnel". I am full of hope and energy now for life!"