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Fundamentals of Trauma Informed
Adlerian Play Therapy

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Course Description

The Fundamentals of Trauma-Informed Adlerian Play Therapy course is designed to introduce participants to an overview of trauma-informed play therapy, where evidence informed trauma treatment with children is translated into a sequence of play-based components, treatment goals and prop-based interventions.

Course Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  1. Describe and explain various components necessary when working with traumatised children and families within a play therapy setting
  2. Explain the forms and phases of post-traumatic play
  3. Articulate several self-directed ways in which children use the playroom to increase their sense of safety and security
  4. Describe several play-based interventions that decrease a child's physiological arousal
  5. Explain several play-based techniques that assist clients in challenging and restructuring cognitive distortions
  6. Describe several interventions that help parents co-regulate their children more effectively
  7. Describe types of Experiential Mastery Play in play therapy
  8. Explain play therapy interventions that offer containment of trauma content during Experiential Mastery Play
  9. Apply play therapy interventions that prompt coherent narrative building 
  10. Explain the importance of titration during trauma narrative work
  11. Name mitigators available to the play therapist when a child gets stuck in narrative work



Completed Introduction to Play Therapy and AdPT 1



  1. Multimedia Lectures

  2. Trainings with opportunities for self-reflection and group discussion

  3. Individual and group activities for processing


Certification of Attendance

Certificate of Attendance - will be presented to the participant at the end of each course.

Certificate Recognition

This Certificate of Attendance is awarded by Healing Hearts Centre

Certificate training hours are recognised by the Association for Play Therapy (Singapore) for the individual who is working towards their Registered Play Therapist qualifications.

General Course Schedule

9am - 12pm Session

12pm - 1pm  Lunch

1pm - 3pm Session

3pm - 330pm Break

330pm - 5pm Session

Course Trainers

Abby- for chris' co..jpg

Abigail Lee

Founder of Healing Hearts Centre

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