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Introduction to Play Therapy

Understand Play TherapyLearn The SkillsChange Lives

Your journey begins here.

Become a play therapist.

Course Description

This course is designed for clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, etc. to provide the participant with a comprehensive understanding of the active ingredients in play that produces therapeutic change. It explores the powerful effects that play therapy has on different areas within the life of an individual, be it a child, adolescent or an adult.


It also introduces the participant to the history of play therapy, including its pioneers and their respective theoretical approaches. Participants are given an in-depth understanding of the major theoretical approaches of play therapy, allowing them to apply it practically in their therapeutic work with clients.


Course Objectives

  1. To study the mechanism of change underlying play therapy

  2. To understand the specific forces that cause therapeutic improvement in clients

  3. To broaden the repertoire of treatment strategies and to have the ability to tailor them to meet the needs of individual clients

  4. To identity and apply the powers of play best suited for treating specific presenting problems of client

  5. To understand the history of Play Therapy and its application in therapeutic practice today

  6. To gain basic knowledge on the essential concepts and practices in play therapy

  7. To understand the major theoretical approaches in play therapy and to apply them in therapeutic work with clients

  8. To gain knowledge of the basic set-up of the playroom and selection of materials to bring about therapeutic change



Participants must have at least completed a Bachelor's or higher mental health degree in one of the following disciplines: counselling, psychology, or social work with demonstrated coursework in child development, and must currently be practicing in the field.

This course is a compulsory prerequisite to all other courses offered under Healing Hearts Centre.

There are no equivalent recognised courses by any other organisation or institution.

*This course is not designed for educators, for eg. teachers or pre-school teachers etc.



  1. Multimedia Lectures

  2. Trainings with opportunities for self-reflection and group discussion

  3. Individual and group activities for processing


Certification of Attendance

Certificate of Attendance - will be presented to the participant at the end the course.


Certificate Recognition

This Certificate of Attendance is awarded by Healing Hearts Centre and certificate training hours is recognised by the Association for Play Therapy (Singapore) for the individual who is working towards their Registered Play Therapist qualifications.

General Course Schedule

9am - 12pm Session

12pm - 1pm  Lunch

1pm - 3pm Session

3pm - 330pm Break

330pm - 5pm Session

**Please note that Play Therapy is a specialised counselling/therapeutic approach, therefore it is required that you have the appropriate and relevant mental health educational qualifications before embarking on this course. If you do not, but would like to get started down this path, please consider sending us an email first so that we can explore the possibilities.

Course Trainer

Abby- for chris' co..jpg

Abigail Lee

Founder of Healing Hearts Centre

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